My Fathers Place       by Jack McGlynn

D               C                G            G|
Jesus, we come to you today
D               C                  G             G
We lift our voices as we bend our knee to pray
D                               C                   G          G
Jesus, oh Jesus, we come to You today
D                             C                        G                   G
We lift up our loved ones, Who have finished their race.

                   C                                                G
You are sovereign, You are mighty
C                                      G
You are Love, Hope, and Joy
C                            G
You are Alpha and Omega
C                                       D                          D
And Jesus, we call You Lord, We call You Lord.

And as they come before your throne
May You wrap Your robe around them
May You hug them cheek to cheek
May You take them by the hand
May You kiss them on their face
Say welcome to my Father’s Place

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