Recording Could You Feel

So I found this old Tascam recording device that I bought a long, long time ago. Certainly 10 years ago. I think that I bought it at The Guitar Center in Albany NY. Wow, stopped in there so many times the manager got to know my name. I still remember buying my Martin D28 there. I digress.

This old Tascam is so small it fits into my shirt pocket. Takes two AAA batteries and has a micro SD slot. I’m thankful that the batteries did not corrode the recorder because this thing works like a charm. I mean, press RECORD, set it down and BAM.

I have a feeling that there is going to be a lot of recording going on this fall and winter.

In addition, I found this old song from 2012 and took a stab at recording it. It is called “Could You Feel”. The song started as a slam on some gal that left my buddy for some internet loser. After singing it live a few times I decided that life is better turning such a harsh song into a love song.

So, there you go. Leave the evil people alone to go on hurting each other and you go off and live a loving life. It drives them crazy.

Give it a listen but hey, just letting you know that I’m all about the songwriting. You have to take my singing with a grain or many grains of salt.

Could You Feel – mp3 opens in new window

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