14 Mules is a short story in the format of a poem. The story started out as a song but at some point became too long. It is a story about a man, in fact it could be about any man or woman, who thinks that being a good person is your ticker into heaven. During a supernatural episode, he learns the truth about salvation.

In the story, a man is given the chance to travel to heaven. It is a three-day journey filled with adventure. He must take his sins with him. It takes 14 Mules to carry all of his sins. He is protected by angels who must fight off demons who attack with swords and daggers. He thinks that he is going to heaven because he has been a nice guy. Along the way he learns the truth about salvation.

I want to give you the ability of purchasing the book but I am also going to provide, right here on this website, the words to the story. I will also provide some images from the book in a photo gallery.

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